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Here's what people are saying about Jimmy's albums...




"Jimmy's effortless flow across the piano, transports you to another place!  Whether its Jazz, R&B or a Classic Standard - he adds his personality and passion to every note.  A true joy to listen to, and a great guy to work with."


Lauren Brody-Clarke, Redlocke Yard Prod. LLC











The Upper Left Hand Corner of the Sky


"The Jimmy Vann Band made sweet music, a hybrid of soft pop and mellow jazz. 'The Upper Left Hand Corner Of The Sky' is a collection of pure hearted music that soothes the soul. The title track, composed by Buddy Prima (nephew of the legendary Louis Prima), has become a classic of the soft pop genre. Chord changes are cool, & backup vocals are soft & groovy." 


Duglas T Stewart, BMX Bandits














Private parties become an unforgettable event when you hire Jimmy to play; below is a recent testimonial:


"I am listening to your CD, have it playing throughout the house and it's beyond fabulous. Bringing tears to my eyes. It's beautiful. You are so talented. And I have had so many wonderful comments about your presence here Saturday. It was truly my mom and dad shining down through your hands. I really am so appreciative. Thank you Jimmy!"

- Sue White

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